About Me

As a lifestyle writer, I believe that to truly know my craft, I should live life to the very fullest. And that is exactly what I do every single day.

I also believe in creating a beautiful life, one that feels good to the tips of your fingers. For me, that’s filling my home with vintage treasures discovered at flea markets. Searching for organic products that are kind to animals and the world around us (and bonus if they’re coconut-scented). Saying hello to every dog I see. Running through a quiet forest or hiking along a glassy lake. Connecting with friends and clients over a lavender latte. And snuggling with my pup, a tri-color corgi named Dolly.

My life is divided into many chapters—my time at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in which I earned my Master’s degree in Journalism. The semester I spent in an intensive journalism program at Washington D.C.’s American University. The nearly seven years I worked as an editor at a national publication, American Girl magazine. And now, as a lifestyle writer and owner of my business Shelby Deering, LLC.

I’ve always had a love for design and decor from a young age, which lends itself naturally to my work as a shelter writer. I began perusing flea markets in middle school, and I still am to this day. My interest in architecture and design is rooted in my upbringing—my father is a general contractor and I grew up surrounded by construction terminology and the scent of fresh sawdust.

I identify as a highly-sensitive person, someone who notices everything, a blessing for a writer. Simply, I smell things, taste things, and hear things in a profound, vibrant way. Life is a richer experience for me, and that’s what comes across in my writing.

My sensitivity also translates into mental health hurdles that I live with every day. As someone who has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and seasonal affective disorder (SAD), self-care has become a huge and necessary part of my life. Often drawing from my own experiences, I write frequently about mental health, hoping to inform and encourage readers who have dealt firsthand with these disorders.

Living in Madison, Wisconsin is like being plugged into a constant current of creativity. When I’m not writing, you’ll likely find me perusing the Dane County Farmer’s Market, getting an adrenaline rush at a boot camp-style Dragonfly Hot Yoga class, savoring vegetarian eats at The Green Owl Café, discovering vintage finds at Atomic Antiques, or visiting with the animals at Heartland Farm Sanctuary.

Life never ceases to amaze me. I am incessantly curious and continually seek inspiration in the things that light me up. When I write, my goal is to light up readers in the very same way.