Here is a selection of the pieces I have written for national magazines, regional titles, lifestyle websites, and brands, examples of the deep, richly-descriptive content I will create for your outlet. Settle in and stay awhile.

Design + Décor

Domino, “6 Ways I Restyled My Home to Soothe Anxiety”
USA Today Home, “Online Design”
USA Today Home, “Fancy Fences”
Architectural Digest, “Guys, Frank Lloyd Wright Is a Small-Space Renovation Guru”
Hunker, “Emily Henderson on Why the Modern Traditional Trend is Here to Stay—and How to Get the Look”
TODAY.com, “11 Fall Porch Decoration Ideas by Home Experts in 2021”
Country Living, “20 Backyard Fence Ideas for Instant Charm (and Privacy!)
Greatist, “Got Cabin Fever? We’ve Got Rustic Bedroom Inspo, DIYs, and More”
Hunker, “Shea from Studio McGee Shares 5 Traditional Living Room Ideas That Don’t Feel Dated”
Lived-In Style, “What’s in a Name?”
Country Living, “21 Gorgeous Sunrooms for Your Entire Family to Enjoy”
THE WELL, “How to Make Your Home a Sanctuary”
Better Homes & Gardens, “10 Farmhouse Fall Decor Ideas That Are Simply Perfect for Autumn”
Atomic Ranch, “Modern Makers”
The Pioneer Woman, “41 DIY Easter Decorations to Spruce Up Your Home This Spring”
Well+Good, “How to Create a Stress-Free Space to Work from Home”
Saatva Sleep Enlightened, “6 Ways to Bring Mid-Century Modern Design Into Your Bedroom”
Domino, “Your Shelf Brackets Don’t Have to Be Resigned to a Supporting Role”
Apartment Therapy, “The Best Small Space Organization Solutions—According to People Who Live in Tiny Homes”
The Natural by Schmidt’s Naturals, “How to Transform Your Home Into a Self-Care Sanctuary”
Vintage Style, “Raise a Glass”
Domino, “What Hue You Should Paint Each Room, According to Color Psychology”
Well+Good, “12 Anthropologie Beauty Buys That Are So Pretty, They Double as Home Decor”
Curbed Chicago, “A Tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Madison, Mapped”
Apartment Therapy, “10 Completely Clever Ways to Transform Vintage Objects Into Lighting”
Hunker, “7 Characteristics of Bauhaus Architecture You Need to Know”
Flea Market Decor, “A-Camping We Will Go”
Vintage Celebrations, “A Feast for Free Spirits”
Vintage Celebrations, “Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth”
The Spruce, “How to Decorate Your Home with Vintage Signs”
Reviewed/USA Today, “8 Trendy Home Decor Brands You Didn’t Know Were on Amazon”
Country Living, “27 Best Alternative Christmas Trees Made for Creative Holiday Decor”
French Style, “Bon Appetit”
Hunker, “These Green Home Office Ideas Will Make the Perfect Zoom Meeting Background”
Country Living, “21 DIY Wall Art Ideas to Add Personality to Your Home”
Hunker, “16 Midcentury Living Room Ideas That Stand the Test of Time”
The Spruce, “10 Throwback Ways to Display Macrame”
Cottage White, “Breathing Spaces”
Hunker, “We Asked 6 Designers for Their Budget Bathroom Remodel Tips”
Vintage Style, “Easy Does It”
Hunker, “Color Forecasting by the National Park Service—We Approve”

Wellness + Mental Health

USA Today Home, “Healthy Habitats”
Talkspace, “How to Tell if You Have a Sleep Disorder”
Parade.com, “Pandemic-Related Depression is Rampant—Here’s How to Make Yourself Feel Better, According to Experts”
Naturally, Danny Seo, “Peaceful Easy Feeling”
TODAY.com, “Expert Tips to Treat Your Skin During Menopause”
At the Lake, “When Scrolling Takes a Toll”
Good Housekeeping, “Skipping Spring Cleaning Can Make Allergies and Asthma Much Worse, According to Doctors”
Healthline, “Here’s What You Should Do If You Have a Panic Attack in Public”
Naturally, Danny Seo, “Body & Soul”
The Natural by Schmidt’s Naturals, “How Aromatherapy Can Help Symptoms of Winter Depression”
Verywell, “What Is Doom Scrolling?”
Healthline, “I Tried ‘Forest Therapy.’ Here’s What It Did for My Mental Health”
Tiny Trips, “5 Wellness Benefits of Houseplants, According to a ‘Plantfluencer'”
Practical Pain Management, “Reiki and Pain Relief: Can This Complementary Treatment Actually Help?”
Good Housekeeping, “Summer Depression is a Thing—Here’s What You Need to Know”
Naturally, Danny Seo, “Get Glowing”
SpineUniverse, “Can Running Help Back Pain? An Expert Weighs In”
Saatva Sleep Enlightened, “The Sleep and Health Benefits of Tai Chi”
UpWest, “How to Set a Tranquil Mood That Encourages Optimal Sleep”
Naturally, Danny Seo, “On a Roll”
Parade.com, “Suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder? Here are 30 Ways to Treat This Form of Depression”
The Natural by Schmidt’s Naturals, “Face Your Fear of the Dentist with These Calming Tips”
At the Lake, “How to Get Through the Flu”
Saatva Sleep Enlightened, “4 Gentle Stretches to Help You Fall Asleep Faster”
Prevention, “Science Says Baths Can Reduce Inflammation And Beat Stress – Here’s How to Take Your Most Luxurious One Ever”
Healthline, “5 Small Ways to Get Organized When Your Depression Has Other Ideas”
At the Lake, “Up and Running”
Vitruvi Basenotes, “Self-Care Tips for Welcoming Spring”
The Natural by Schmidt’s Naturals, “4 Eating Tips for Gluten-Sensitive or Celiac Newbies”
Saatva Sleep Enlightened, “The Best and Worst Holiday Desserts for Your Sleep”
SpineUniverse, “15 Ways to Practice Self-Care When You Have Back Pain”
Prevention, “The Best Ways to Avoid Jet Lag When You Travel Across Time Zones”
The Natural by Schmidt’s Naturals, “Showering to Help Soothe a Headache”
At the Lake, “Beyond the Winter Blues”
The Natural by Schmidt’s Naturals, “6 Ways to Build a Better Morning Routine”
Rodale’s Organic Life, “8 Simple and Satisfying Ways to Practice Better Self Care This Summer”
Verilux, “10 Ways to Bring More Light Into Your Life”
The Natural by Schmidt’s Naturals, “Essential Oils: Your New Workout Partners”
Reviewed/USA Today, “I Tried a Meditation App for 30 Days – Here’s What Happened”
At the Lake, “More Than Just Worry”
The Natural by Schmidt’s Naturals, “5 Ways to Stay Cool During Hot Summer Workouts”
Healthline, “Nature’s 9 Most Powerful Medicinal Plants and the Science Behind Them”
SpineUniverse, “6 Tips for Hiking With—and Without—Back Pain”
Prevention, “The Ideal Routine for a Perfect Night’s Sleep, According to Experts”
The Natural by Schmidt’s Naturals, “7 Beautifying Kitchen Ingredients You Can Add to Your Bath”
Well+Good, “Etsy Has Some Truly Genius Ways to Organize Your Essential Oils”
SpineUniverse, “How to Train for a Race or Triathlon with Back Pain”
The Natural by Schmidt’s Naturals, “Are You a Highly-Sensitive Person?”
Prevention, “9 Natural Remedies for Seasonal Affective Disorder”
Verilux, “10 Ways to Add Light Therapy to Your Daily Routine”

Home Tours

Atomic Ranch, “Zen Meets Midcentury”
Better Homes & Gardens Christmas Ideas, “Sweetness of the Season”
Cottage Style, “Village Charmer”
Naturally, Danny Seo, “Lost & Found”
Midwest Home, “Fall in Love with Finlanders Farm”
Hunker, “This Laurel Canyon Farmstead Will Fill You With Awe and Wonderment”
American Farmhouse Style, “A Canadian Christmas”
Flea Market Decor, “Horse & Hound”
The Spruce, “House Tour: A Bright and Airy Home in Madison, Wisconsin”
American Farmhouse Style, “Lone Star Treasure”
Flea Market Decor, “Cool & Collected”
Lakeshore Living Madison, “Safe Haven”
Hunker, “This Portland Townhouse Is Rich in Character Thanks to a Treasure Trove of Secondhand Goods”
The Cottage Journal, “A Breath of Fresh Air”
Flea Market Decor, “Oh, Say Can You Sea”
American Farmhouse Style, “The House That DIY Built”
Cottage White, “Traditional Simplicity”
Lakeshore Living Madison, “Easy Breezy”
Flea Market Décor, “Beach Style on a Budget”
The Cottage Journal, “Rustic Retreat”
Rustic Country, “Peace in the Pines”
Flea Market Decor, “Nesting Season”
Southern Cottage, “Easy Elegance”
Lakeshore Living Northwoods, “Cozy Charm on the Water”
Vintage Beautiful, “Recovered Relics of the Past”
The Cottage Journal, “Maritime Masterpiece”
Flea Market Decor, “The Life Eclectic”
Lakeshore Living Lake Geneva, “A Lake Beulah Restful Retreat”
Lived-In Style, “Worn and Well-Loved”
Cottage White, “Bright Beauty”
Lakeshore Living Madison, “Warmth and Light on Lake Mendota”
Bohemian Home, “Midcentury Meets Bohemian”
Flea Market Décor, “Comfort & Joy”
The Spruce, “House Tour: An Artistic Home in the Heart of Charleston”
Cottage White, “Fall in Love”
Cottages & Bungalows, “Natural Elegance”
BRAVA, “Practical Magic”
Lakeshore Living Northwoods, “Making Memories”
French Style, “California Comfort”
The Cottage Journal, “Urban Oasis”
Flea Market Decor, “Mastering Midcentury”
Lakeshore Living Madison, “A Magical Mix”
Cottages & Bungalows, “Small Wonder”
The Spruce, “A Sleek and Creative Brooklyn Apartment”
At the Lake, “Treasures from the Past”


Country Living, “The 12 Best Places in the U.S. to Go Whale Watching (and When to Go)
USA Today Go Escape Gulf Coast, “Shell? Yeah!”
Midwest Living, “8 Midwest Destinations That Feel Like Europe—No Passport Required”
USA Today Go Escape, “Hot Sounds of Summer”
Travel Wisconsin, “Travel Back in Time at These Wisconsin Cabins and Hotels”
Experience Wisconsin, “Frank Lloyd Wright’s Wisconsin”
Tiny Trips, “Airstreams, Midcentury Design, and the Great Outdoors: A Peek Inside AutoCamp Cape Cod”
Country Living, “The 50 Best Hikes in the US: Our Definitive Guide”
Destination Madison, “5 Madison Area Day Trips That Feel a World Away”
The Natural by Schmidt’s Naturals, “How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Summer Trip”
Travel Wisconsin, “One-Of-A-Kind Winter Lodging in Wisconsin”
Tiny Trips, “11 Ways to Enjoy a Ski Trip If You’re Not a Skier”
Experience Wisconsin, “A Vintage Treasure Hunt”
BRAVA, “22 Great Weekends”
Destination Madison, “A Runner’s Guide to Madison”
Curbed Chicago, “18 Small Towns Near Chicago You Need to Visit Right Now”
At the Lake, “The Magic of Lake Lawn Resort”
Experience Wisconsin, “Down on the Farm”
Travel Wisconsin, “Get to Know Wisconsin’s Ice Age Trail, a Hiker’s Paradise”
BRAVA, “Peace & Quiet”
French Style, “All in La Famille”
Experience Wisconsin, “It’s a Shore Thing”
BRAVA, “Purple Reign”
Experience Wisconsin, “A Weekend with Friends”
Craftsy, “8 Tips for Shopping Fall Farmers’ Markets”
BRAVA, “Elkhorn’s Good Things”

Retail + Products

Naturally, Danny Seo, “Second Life”
Apartment Therapy, “9 Curved Sofas That Will Add Instant Glamour to Your Space”
Hunker, “Shop the Hunker House: A Jewel-Tone Library That Speaks Volumes”
Apartment Therapy, “How to Shop for Vintage Art Online So That You Get Exactly What You’re Searching For”
Vitruvi Basenotes, “Beautiful Home Accessories for Spring”
The Isthmus, “Life After Demolition”
Prevention, “12 Natural Travel-Sized Beauty Products to Bring on Your Next Summer Trip”


Naturally, Danny Seo, “Meet Meat Made Without Meat”
BRAVA, “Human Kind”
Naturally, Danny Seo, “Waste Not, Want Not”
Hunker, “A Man, A Van, and a Boho Tin Box Make Up This Unlikely Florist”
Naturally, Danny Seo, “So Fresh & So Clean”
Lived-In Style, “Stitches in Time”
Naturally, Danny Seo, “Take It Slow”
At the Lake, “Building a Legacy”
Rodale’s Organic Life, “No One Cared For My Environmental Activism – Until I Dressed Up as a Mermaid Every Day”
Flea Market Decor, “Q&A: A Clean Sweep”
Wisconsin People & Ideas, “Sweet Surprise”
BRAVA, “Cooperative Venture”
At the Lake, “On Cloud Wine”
BRAVA, “A Career Reimagined”
The Isthmus, “The Sweet Life”
BRAVA, “Still I Rise”
BRAVA, “Shaping Downtown”

Branded Content

Country Living, “What a Perfect Weekend of Holiday Volunteering Looks Like”
Good Housekeeping, “6 Laundry Room Investments That Are Actually Worth It”
House Beautiful, “How to Design the Ultimate Work-From-Home Space, According to an Expert”
Good Housekeeping, “7 Affordable Organizing Storage Solutions for Small Student Living Spaces”
Country Living, “5 Party Ideas That Give Back to Your Community”
Good Housekeeping, “5 Surprising Ways Your Phone Can Get You Off the Couch”
Good Housekeeping, “The Laundry Investments That’ll Save You a Ton of Time During the Holidays”
Country Living, “The Check List: Travel Essentials For Your Active Dog”
Good Housekeeping, “6 Rental Car Tips That’ll Save You Time and Money on Your Next Family Trip”


Chewy.com, “What My Dog’s Devastating Illness Taught Me About Strength”
At the Lake, “A Breath of Fresh Air”
The Isthmus, “Heartland Farm Sanctuary Helps Animals That Help Kids”
Live Happy, “Girl Power”
The Isthmus, “Being Brave”
BRAVA, “Design for a Difference”
The Isthmus, “Girls on the Run of Dane County Marks a Decade of Changing Young Lives”

General Lifestyle

O Magazine, “12 Virtual Mother’s Day Ideas That Will Bring You Closer Together”
O Magazine, “15 Virtual Birthday Party Ideas to Make Your Zoom Celebration Special”
Martha Stewart Living, “A Celestial Birthday for Kids That Was Written in the Stars”
At the Lake, “A Timeless Place”
Domino, “Consider This: 5 Easy Ways to Move, the Eco-Friendly Way”
Country Living, “16 DIY Book Character Costumes for Halloween”
Bella Grace, “Befriending the Darkness”
Runner’s World, “15 Instagram Fails That Every Runner Has Experienced”
At the Lake, “Smooth Sailing”
BRAVA, “Great Places for Women to Work”
Wisconsin People & Ideas, “Big Cheese”
Runner’s World, “25 Running Dogs of Instagram That Embody Us All”
Contently, “10 Creative Apps That Will Make You a Better Writer”
Belong Magazine, “4 Writing Tips to Help You Hit Your Sweet Spot”
Contently, “10 Magazines Every Writer Should Read”