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Shelby 36


I’ve interviewed movers and shakers, from a woman who dresses as a mermaid to promote environmental education to design stars like Jonathan Adler. Visited Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs, both famous and off the beaten path. Toured lakefront homes and vintage-inspired bungalows. Fed apples to rescued pigs. And witnessed the inner workings of an eco-friendly cheese factory.

No matter the topic, when I sit down to begin work on a piece, my inspiration and expertise comes from a place of intention. I never look for shortcuts and I always give every article the care and attention it deserves. I have no doubt that you strive to feature top-notch writing that will leave readers with the desire to visit or read again. That’s the caliber of writing I provide to every publication.

“Shelby’s a dream to work with. She sends smart, on-the-nose pitches and never (ever) misses a deadline. When her copy comes through, it’s always clean—her writing is warm and friendly, she speaks with interesting, quotable sources, and she always goes the extra mile, adding crosslinks and helping out with images, too. Seeing her name on the editorial calendar is always a good moment in my day, because I know editing and getting her story live will be a pleasure. Working together with Shelby has been a total treat and I can’t wait to see where her byline winds up next.”
–Madeleine Burry, Former Rodale’s Organic Life Editor

“Shelby Deering is one of those go-to writers who we count on to take on any assignment—whether last-minute or mammoth—and to get it done on target, on time, and with finesse. It’s a delight to work with her curiosity and passion for the written word.”
–Kate Bast, Former Editor-in-Chief of
BRAVA Magazine

My attentiveness to you and your publication’s needs begins from the very first email, phone chat, or coffee. I believe in good communication, heeding notes and nuances, and sticking to deadlines. I value the importance of the writer-editor relationship.

As an editor, I know that you are always on the lookout for fresh ideas to fill your editorial calendar. I’m a perpetual idea generator, consistently seeking out new stories and topics to pitch. I especially enjoy gathering inspiration for articles through visiting new places and connecting with people who lead extraordinary lives.

“Nailed it! That’s what comes to mind when I think of Shelby. She is a true partner: sniffing out great story leads, crafting on-point pitches, collaborating graciously. Then she whips up copy that matches the exact format and tone we are looking for–it’s always turnkey ready. She makes my job so easy that I honestly wish I could clone her and have a team of Shelby’s to work with.”
–Kathryn Drury Wagner, Editor of
Flea Market Décor

My thoughtfulness carries over to every source I interview. Whether it’s an expert weighing in on a topic or a remarkable person I’m profiling, I take care to truly listen and ask perceptive questions, catching details and providing accurate representations in every piece I write.

 “Shelby does a wonderful job when interviewing for an article. Not only does she get the right facts from what you are telling her, but she gets engaged in the conversation and asks amazing follow up questions. If I ran a publication, I would want her working with my team!”
–Stacey Scannell, owner of Madison’s The Soap Opera

Research and providing factual information are of course journalistic cornerstones, and I do not take them lightly. I’m an enthusiastic researcher who never just scratches the surface. All those years as a history minor researching in the college archives have paid off.

And then there’s the writing, the soul of what I do. My writing is rich and highly-descriptive, but it’s also educational and leaves the reader feeling inspired, positive, and knowledgeable. I love dreaming up outside-the-box descriptions that engage with readers and instantly transport them into the topics I cover.

“Shelby is the consummate professional and a delight to work with on every project! Her personal elegance is reflected in her writing style; she meets every submission deadline; and the finished product always exceeds our expectations.”
–Rachel Werner, Assistant Editor of BRAVA Magazine

I put my heart into everything I do, every article I write, no matter if it’s 400 or 4,000 words. When you hire me to write for your website or magazine, this is the level of quality and care you’ll experience throughout each project we work on together.

“I’ve worked with Shelby on a number of varied editorial projects, both short and long form. She approaches each project with great vigor and enthusiasm. Shelby excels at finding the humanity in everything she does and approaches even what some would consider mundane with great interest. I can always count on her to deliver great content regardless of the topic.”
–Craig Sauer, Senior Editor at
Credit Union Magazine